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Serendipitous! That's the word we like to use to describe how Flipside of 40 came together to be a studio recording band. Paul and Robin met in college through music, and did some recordings together and played gigs together at restaurants during their early married years. They continued creating music together throughout their marriage, and for years sent out original family music CD's for Christmas cards. The CD's always included their two children, Kristen and Alex, and any family or friends who happened to be interested in recording or performing some music at the time. There are a lot of good memories from those years!

Through the magic of connections with people and the power of the forces that are meant to be, they met Lynne (the wife of a co-worker of Paul's) and Ruppi (the friend of a friend). It turned out that Ruppi and Lynne already knew each other, and Lynne had even sung background vocals on Ruppi's CD! It is apparently a very small world, after all! Robin and Blake had been friends since junior high, and it turned out to be a great fit to bring him into the group as well.

The group began recording together in 2007, and have had multiple studio projects together since then! We get together to write, compose, and arrange songs, just for fun, with everyone bringing their unique perspective and talents to the table. While life has taken us to different places and paths throughout the years, there is always a music project waiting to be completed in the background, ready to record when the time is right.

We hope you enjoy the serendipitous nature of our music! 

Lynne Banki, Lead Vocals

Paul Holland, Guitar

Robin Holland, Piano

Ruppi Barnickel, Drums

Blake Eberhard, Bass

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